Get details on failed payment

Get details on a failed payment


Set up webhooks

When the status of a check is updated to FAILED, you will you can set up a webhook to receive a POST request to the specified url containing the id of the check that has been updated and its new status. Your webhook implementation could call the "Get details on a failed check" endpoint to get the return code for the failed check.

Here are the possible return codes and their description:

"R00": "Manually Canceled"
"R01": "Insufficient Funds"
"R02": "Account Closed"
"R03": "No Account/Unable to Locate Account"
"R04": "Invalid Account Number Structure"
"R05": "Unauthorized Debit to Consumer Account Using Corporate SEC Code"
"R06": "Return per ODFI's Request"
"R07": "Authorization Revoked by Customer"
"R08": "Payment Stopped"
"R09": "Uncollected Funds"
"R10": "Customer Advises Not Authorized, Improper, or Ineligible"
"R11": "Check Truncation Entry Return"
"R12": "Account Sold to Another DFI"
"R13": "Invalid ACH Routing Number"
"R14": "Representative Payee Deceased or Unable to Continue in That Capacity"
"R15": "Beneficiary or Account Holder Deceased"
"R16": "Account Frozen"
"R17": "File Record Edit Criteria"
"R18": "Improper Effective Entry Date"
"R19": "Amount Field Error"
"R20": "Non-Transaction Account"
"R21": "Invalid Company Identification"
"R22": "Invalid Individual ID Number"
"R23": "Credit Entry Refused by Receiver"
"R24": "Duplicate Entry"
"R25": "Addenda Error"
"R26": "Mandatory Field Error"
"R27": "Trace Number Error"
"R28": "Routing Number Check Digit Error"
"R29": "Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized"
"R30": "RDFI Not Participant in Check Truncation Program"
"R31": "Permissible Return Entry"
"R32": "RDFI Non-Settlement"
"R33": "Return of XCK Entry"
"R34": "Limited Participation DFI"
"R35": "Return of Improper Debit Entry"
"R36": "Return of Improper Credit Entry"
"R37": "Source Document Presented for Payment"
"R38": "Stop Payment on Source Document"
"R39": "Improper Source Document/Source Document Presented for Payment"
"R40": "Return of ENR Entry by Federal Government Agency"
"R41": "Invalid Transaction Code"
"R42": "Routing Number/Check Digit Error"
"R43": "Invalid DFI Account Number"
"R44": "Invalid Individual ID Number"
"R45": "Invalid Individual Name/Company Name"
"R46": "Invalid Representative Payee Indicator"
"R47": "Duplicate Enrollment"
"R50": "State Law Affecting RCK Acceptance"
"R51": "Item related to RCK Entry is Ineligible or RCK Entry is Improper"
"R52": "Stop Payment on Item Related to RCK Entry"
"R53": "Item and RCK Entry Presented for Payment"
"R61": "Misrouted Return"
"R67": "Duplicate Return"
"R68": "Untimely Return"
"R69": "Field Error(s)"
"R70": "Permissible Return Entry Not Accepted/Return Not Requested by ODFI"
"R71": "Misrouted Dishonored Return"
"R72": "Untimely Dishonored Return"
"R73": "Timely Original Return"
"R74": "Corrected Return"
"R75": "Return Not a Duplicate"
"R76": "No Errors Found"
"R80": "IAT Entry Coding Error"
"R81": "Non-Participant in IAT Program"
"R82": "Invalid Foreign Receiving DFI Identification"
"R83": "Foreign Receiving DFI Unable to Settle"
"R84": "Entry Not Processed by Gateway"
"R85": "Incorrectly Coded Outbound International Payment"
"C01": "Incorrect DFI Account Number"
"C02": "Incorrect Routing Number"
"C03": "Incorrect Routing Number and Incorrect DFI Account Number"
"C04": "Incorrect Individual Name/Receiving Company Name"
"C05": "Savings/Checking Selection is Wrong"
"C06": "Incorrect DFI Account Number and Incorrect Transaction Code"
"C07": "Incorrect Routing Number, Incorrect DFI Account Number, and Incorrect Transaction Code"
"C08": "Incorrect Receiving DFI Identification"
"C09": "Incorrect Individual Identification Number"
"C13": "Addenda Format Error"
"C14": "Incorrect SEC Code for Outbound International Payment"
"C61": "Misrouted Notification of Change"
"C62": "Incorrect Trace Number"
"C63": "Incorrect Company Identification Number"
"C64": "Incorrect Individual Identification Number/Identification Number"
"C65": "Incorrectly Formatted Corrected Data"
"C66": "Incorrect Discretionary Data"
"C67": "Routing Number Not From Original Entry Detail Record"
"C68": "DFI Account Number Not From Original Entry Detail Record"
"C69": "Incorrect Transaction Code"
"N/A": "Not Available"
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