You can install the Node.js API Library, by running the following command.

npm install checkbook-api --save


The package needs to be configured with your account's API Key and API Secret. The API credentials below are from the demo environment and you can use them to try the API.

var CheckbookAPI = require('checkbook-api');
var Checkbook = new CheckbookAPI({
    api_key: 'd6aa2703655f4ba2af2a56202961ca86',
    api_secret: 'dXbCgzYBMibj8ZwuQMd2NXr6rtvjZ8',
    env: 'demo'

The env parameter is optional and can be omitted if the requests are made to the live environment. The possible values for this parameter are demo or sandbox and the API credentials need to be from the specified environment.


You can use the following code snippet to send a digital check.
More code samples can be founds here.

    name: 'Widgets Inc.',
    recipient: '[email protected]',
    description: 'Test Send Check',
    amount: 10.00
}, function (error, response) {
    if (error) {
        console.log('Error:', error);
    } else {
        console.log('Response:', response);