Authorized Users

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Add an authorized user

You can give other people access to your account. It can be a Read Only access so that they can only view your transactions, but without the possibility to actually send payments in your behalf. Or it can be a Write access, giving them full access to your account (excepting the possibility to modify your profile info).

To add an authorized user that can submit a payment for approval only, create an authorized user where the send limit is 0, send payments is 'write' and approve payments is 'read'.

You can add an authorized user by clicking on the Add User button:


Then fill out the following form by specifying the authorized user's name, email address and access level and click on Add. You can specify a send limit and select one of the 3 access levels:


The newly added authorized user is listed in the table. You can always change the access level at a later time:


Email invite

The authorized user will receive an invitation email on the address you provided: