URL Syntax


Although it is already assumed you understand how to use a RESTful API to make API requests to a server, it is important to undestand the URL syntax Checkbook requires to make calls to the Checkbook server.

When making an API request, make sure you follow standard REST API syntax and formatting. By ensuring you follow standard REST API syntax, the Checkbook server will be able to process your request and return a response.

If you need more information, or a refresher on RESTful APIs, please see the REST API Tutorial

URL Syntax

Checkbook requires you to use standard REST API syntax to make a request to the server, adhering to the following format:



  • https://demo.checkbook.io - the resource URL (also known as the base URL)
  • v3 - the API version
  • class - the class becing called in your request
  • service - the service you are calling in your request

Sample URL Syntax

The example below shows a properly formatted API request to the Checkbook server.


For this request, the user would like to retrieve all PayPal accounts for a user. The class being called is account and the service being called is paypal. When the request is sent, the Checkbook server returns a response listing all existing PayPal accounts for the user.