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Our Check21 solution makes payments quick and easy. Simply enter the recipient's name, address, and the amount, that's it!

Recipients instantly receive their payment via email and can choose to either deposit the check online or print for in person or mobile deposit. You can find more details about the deposit options here.

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ACH vs. Check21

Check21s are similar to ACH in that they move money from one bank account to another account.

Check21s use the Check21 rails for settlement and clearing. They could also use ACH or combination of Check21 with image files and ACH.

  • Digital Payment network has the ability to transmit images as opposed to ACH which is purely character based.
  • Digital Payments settled using Check21 network conform to UCC regulations and offer finality of settlement i.e. unlike ACH there are no Chargebacks.
  • Digital Checks offer clearing period of either overnight or 2 business days as opposed to ACH which is typically 3 business days. However with same day (it's really overnight not same day ) ACH both systems will offer overnight settlement.
  • Check21s and hence Digital Payments will work with all types of bank accounts whereas ACH may not. For e.g. ACH typically does not work for 50M+ plus Money Market Accounts.

Check21s will have Check number and image of the Check in the Payor bank account as opposed to ACH which will have 16 characters of text.


Payment Options

Consult the Check Options page page to see how you can add a PDF attachement to your check, or make a recurring payment.

API Basic


Verified Bank Account Needed

In order to be able to send checks, you need to have a verified bank account in our system. Please refer to the Add a Bank Account section for instructions about adding a bank account to your profile.

The API reference for sending a Digital Check can be found here. The interactive form allows you to test the API endpoint in our demo environment right from the reference page. Here's an example of a request:


curl --request POST  \
--url '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: d6aa2703655f4ba2af2a56202961ca86:dXbCgzYBMibj8ZwuQMd2NXr6rtvjZ8' \
--data '{"name":"Widgets Inc.","recipient":"[email protected]","amount":5.00}'


    "date":"2019-06-10 15:43:53",
    "name":"Widgets Inc.",
    "recipient":"[email protected]",

The description field can be 2054 characters long. For descriptions over 80 characters, we will automatically generate a link with the full remittance info.



The previous request is for the demo environment. You will need to use either the sandbox endpoint if you want to send test checks, or the production endpoint if you want to send real checks.

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