Marketplace Implementation for Customers

How does Checkbook create a marketplace?

When you decide to use Checkbook's Marketplace white-label solution for your application, a number of steps and tasks are performed to ensure that your new marketplace meets your specific requirements and needs.

Checkbook will provide you the tools to fully customize your marketplace.

To create a marketplace, Checkbook provisions the necessary permissions to allow the users to access the marketplace APIs so you can:

  • set up a marketplace account
  • set up a marketplace

Set up a marketplace account

The first action that Checkbook takes when setting up your marketplace is to create a marketplace account. This enables Checkbook to manage your payments within the marketplace.

When the account is set up, Checkbook is then able to view the account so payments can be managed properly.

Setup a marketplace

Once a marketplace has been created, you can perform the following tasks using the Checkbook API:

  • create a marketplace user
  • update account information as needed
  • add a wallet so checks can be sent and received
  • add recipient accounts to send and receive payments

Note For information on how to make these calls, please refer to the Checkbook API Reference Guide.

Because a Checkbook marketplace is a true white-label solution, Checkbook manages all aspects of the backend maintenance and management of the platform. You simply need to manage your customers, accounts, and your Know Your Customer (KYC) information.