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Add a Signature

By default we use your name to sign the checks that you originate. But if you want, you can also add a personalized signature to your checks.


Signature required

If you want to send checks of $2000 or more, you need to add your signature.

In order to add a signature, you need to draw it with your mouse or touchpad and then click on Save. You can also use your smartphone to upload your signature.

After you finish editing, the defined signature is visible and it will appear on all the checks you send.

Multi Party Checks

The Multi Party Checks are not enabled by default. If you enable this option, then you will be able to send checks to multiple recipients for endorsement.

Check Limits

The default limit for sending or requesting a Digital Check is $2000.00 per transaction, $2,000.00 per every 24 hours and a $15,000.00 per month limit, for both Individuals as well as Businesses. If you need any of these limits increased, please contact [email protected] and we can assist you with your request.

2-Step Verification

Your password protects your account. You can also add a second layer of protection with 2-Step Verification, which shows a code on the authenticator app on your phone for you to enter when you sign in.

For enabling 2-Step Verification, you need to scan the QR code with your phone, open the authenticator app and enter the code displayed in the app:

You can also disable the 2-Step Verification once you are logged in to your account:

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