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Applications should be built and tested against the Sandbox environment before being used in production.

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Single API Call

A single API for multiple payment options With a single API call you can choose do ACH, RTP, Push to Card, Virtual Card, Check21, Mailed Check

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Demo without Signing Up

Demo our application, without the hassle of signing up

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No/Low Code option available

Not a coder? Not a problem! Check out our User guide to get started!

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Core API Basics


This section gives you the basics on how to get started. It will tell you about Authorization standard for calling our API, our test and production environments, error codes, Idempotency, webhooks and payment statuses

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Here we tell you all about testing in sandbox i.e. test mode. We've made it super simple for you to test out our entire API - check it out!

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Payments API

These APIs are are basic building blocks of sending and/or receiving payments. You can check out different payment rails, different types of payments e.g. single payments, multi-party payments, subscriptions. Have at it

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Common API

If you're planning to enhanced stuff like creating a PayFac/Marketplace or adding multiple bank accounts for sending payments, this is where you'll find those endpoints. Could be a lot of fun depending how you use them

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PayFac API

Ah, so you want to setup your own PayFac/Marketplace solution? Completely white-labelled? This the section you need to explore. Of course you'll to refer back to PAYMENTS API or COMMON API for making payment and/or user or bank account calls

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We have some pre-built integrations for you. No need to try our API, we've already done it for you. Install the plugin with few simple clicks, watch the video and you're on your way

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UI/UX Settings

This is an important section. Don't gloss over it. If you're looking to customize settings, either for the sender or the recipient of the payment this is where you'll find it

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API Reference

The entire list of API endpoints, sorted and laid out. Just for you. Enjoy!

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