Marketplace Overview

What is a Marketplace?

Checkbook utilizes banking-as-a-service API approach to create marketplaces that enables businesses to embed financial services and manage transactions (from payer to payee, and vice-versa) within a Checkbook-designed app. Within this app, businesses can pay bills, send funds to different users, and manage their cash flow.

Some examples of marketplaces include platforms like eBay and Amazon, in addition to managed applications customized and designed for a business. Transactions (including payment processing) are handled by the platform, and users are abstracted from having to understand the backend applications and processes that enable this functionality. The business only needs to have an account on the platform. If a business wishes to send funds to a user, they simply can send funds from either their Checkbook dashboard or via the Checkbook API.

One of the key advantages for utilizing the Checkbook solution is the ability for Checkbook to create a customized, white label solution that meets your specific requirements and needs. Instead of being restricted in design and development, you can focus on what is most important for you in your marketplace; operating your business.


You would like to create a marketplace for your real estate app. You have a large number of real estate agents who work for you, buyers who are working with your real estate agents, and various vendors you rely on to help with various aspects of the buying and selling process. Some of your needs might include:

  • support for payments between a buyer (e.g. earnest money deposit, down payment, etc.) and seller
  • commissions paid to your real estate agents at the completion of a sale
  • payments sent to contractors during the homebuying/homeselling process (e.g. staging company, inspections)

Checkbook can simplify this entire process for you by creating a dedicated marketplace that not only meets your requirements, but also enables you to customize the marketplace with your own logos, branding, and design. Checkbook manages all aspects of the platform for you, manages payments and transactions, and works with you to ensure that your new marketplace operates efficiently.

Additional Resources

Now that you have an understanding of what a marketplace is, you may find it useful to learn more about how marketplaces and transactions are created, and how users can be onboarded. The following pages describe each of these topics in more depth: