Create a PayFac/Marketplace

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Marketplaces and platforms use Checkbook’s RESTful API to accept money, pay out to third parties, and onboard businesses and individuals alike. Our white label solution provides a complete set of building blocks to support virtually any business model from mass disbursements to financial service marketplaces.

Onboarding buyers and sellers is made easy by using our API for creating a user, adding a bank account for the user and having the user verify it. The entire user experience is on your website.


Marketplace Examples

Whether you're a marketplace for landlords, freelancers or gig economy workers or building an accounting platform, Checkbook has the solution for you. Here are some examples:

  • Property Management Software
  • Online Rent Payment Service
  • Accounting and Payroll Software

Marketplace Integrations

There are multiple ways you can create a PayFac/Marketplace solution with Checkbook. You may use Checkbook's RESTful APIs to create Businesses that are sending payments as users
Alternately you can have the PayFac/Marketplace Business that are sending payments sign-up with Checkbook through OAuth
Yes another alternative is you can onboard your Businesses using SAML