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Endorse a Multi Party Check

Email notifications

Both recipients receive the same email to process the Digital Check. When clicking on the blue button, the endorsement page is displayed.


Endorsement order

The Check can be endorsed by either one of the two recipients. If the first recipient endorsed the Check, then the second recipient will be able to deposit it.

Check endorsement

The recipient that wants to endorse the Check will see the endorsement page. We also offer the possibility to Print the Check and endorse it physically by writing on it.

For the online endorsement, the recipient needs to enter a comment (usually its name) and then click on Endorse the check button.

If the endorsement is successful, then the following page is displayed:

Check deposit

Once the Check is endorsed, the second recipient (the one that didn't endorse it) will be able to Deposit the Check. By clicking on the blue button from the initial email, the deposit page will be displayed.

The deposit options available are defined by the sender in the Recipient Experience section of his account.

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Endorse a Multi Party Check

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